The Mahabharata Secret

Titre : The Mahabharata Secret
Auteur : Christopher C Doyle
Éditeur : Om Books International
ISBN-13 :
Libération : 2013-10-28

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244 BC Asoka the Great discovers an ancient and terrible secret—a secret buried deep in the Mahabharata; a secret that could destroy the world; a secret hidden away for over 2300 years… Present Day A retired nuclear scientist is murdered. He leaves only e-mails with clues for his nephew. He and his friends follow a trail through ciphers and 2000-year-old ruins. Pursued by powerful dark forces, caught between the secrets of the past and the intrigues of the present, can they unravel the mystery before an unspeakable horror is unleashed on the world… CHRISTOPHER C DOYLE graduated from St. Stephens College, Delhi, with a degree in Economics and studied Business Management at IIM Calcutta. Since childhood, his literary mentors have been Jules Verne, HG Wells, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, JRR Tolkein, Robert Jordan and Terry Brooks. Christopher has written articles on management and business for several publications, and is regularly invited to speak at conferences. He worked with leading multinationals before setting up a strategic consultancy in India in partnership with a US-based firm. He is also a certified Executive Coach and works with senior executives to help them achieve better results in the workplace. Work aside, Christopher is a musician and lives his passion for music through his band called Mid Life Crisis which plays classic rock. He lives in Gurgaon with his wife, daughter and two dogs. The Mahabharata Secret is his debut novel. USP An IIM graduate-turned-author, Christopher C Doyle is in the same league as Chetan Bhagat and Amish Tripathi Mahabharata Secret blends mythology and history with modern science and cutting edge technology A page turner with hi-octane suspense and intrigue Readership All fiction lovers, thriller junkies, history buffs, corporate yuppies, educational institutes, libraries and general trade readers.

Alien Interview

Titre : Alien Interview
Auteur : Lawrence R. Spencer
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 9780615204604
Libération : 2008-01-01

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The content of this book is the letter, Top Secret interview transcripts and personal notes received from the late Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy, an Army Air Force nurse who stationed at the Roswell Army Air Field 509th Bomb Group.Her letter asserts that this material is based on a series of interviews she conducted with an extraterrestrial being as part of her official duty as a nurse in the U.S. Army Air Force. During July and August she interviewed a saucer pilot who crashed near Roswell, New Mexico on July 8th, 1947. The being identitied itself as an officer, pilot and engineer of The Domain Expeditionary Force, a race of beings who are using the asteroid belt in our solar system as a intergalactic base of operations.

Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis

Titre : Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis
Auteur : David Hatcher Childress
Éditeur : Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN-13 : 0932813127
Libération : 1991-01

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Did the ancients have the power of flight? A reading of ancient Indian texts, Ramayana and Mahabharata are used to prove that aircraft were in use more than four thousand years ago.

Fire Officer s Guide to Disaster Control

Titre : Fire Officer s Guide to Disaster Control
Auteur : William M. Kramer
Éditeur : PennWell Books
ISBN-13 : 0912212268
Libération : 1992-01

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This book will help you respond to disasters with the necessary operational procedures to save lives and property. The first moments of any incident can set the tone for the entire operation. Includes information on training, planning and procedures, communication, handling casualties, infrastructure assessment, recovery operations, and stress debriefing. Contents: Disaster planning Historical lessons Organizationa structure and incident command Resource management and augmentation Training and preperation Communications and information management Catastrophic fires Civil disorders and riots Weather-related natural disasters Terrain-based natural disasters Transportation disasters Hazardous materials incidents Enemy attack and UFO potential Mass casualties and mass evacuation Aftermath and recovery Glossary Appendices.

White Poison

Titre : White Poison
Auteur : Kayemb ". Uri L. ". Nawej
Éditeur : Kayemb Uriel Nawej
ISBN-13 : 296004780X
Libération : 2006-09-26

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White Poison is probably the strongest and most reasonable appeal ever addressed to the African continent, for its spiritual liberation, and therefore its real independence. With non refutable historical facts, the author calls upon his African brothers and sisters to break down the chains in which colonial christian Europe still oppresses them. He encourages them to find back the glory and the values of their own ancestral spiritual heritage. This book has the power to revolutionize spiritual life in Africa. This book is a new religious message which offers to Africans the keys for their real spiritual decolonization, a real new authentic gospel for Africa. An intense call for Africa to wake up. You read it, and you will never again be the same.


Titre : Mercury
Auteur : William D. Clendenon
Éditeur : Adventure Survival Productions
ISBN-13 : 096324180X
Libération : 1991-01-01

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MERCURY: UFO MESSENGER OF THE GODS is an eyewitness account of former U.S. Navy Aircraft Identification Instructor W.D. Clendenon's trailblazing, pioneering research of the mysterious Unidentified Flying Objects. MERCURY: UFO MESSENGER OF THE GODS clearly points out how the public has been taken for a ride on UFOs by the U.S. Government. Along the way readers also develop an understanding of how authentic U.F.O. photos & information have been discredited, shoved aside by the news media & some over rated civilian U.F.O. researchers. The photos & technical information in this book strongly indicates that the George Adamski U.F.O. case is based on fact. The bottom line is THE PUBLIC HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW ABOUT U.F.O.s. To order: MERCURY: UFO MESSENGERS OF THE GODS contact: W.D. Clendenon, P.O. Box 756, Biloxi, MS 39533, U.S.A. Phone: (601) 432-7146. Price: $15.95 plus $2.00 S&H, U.S., $15.95 plus $10.00 Airmail S&H Foreign. Discounts available.

The Hidden History of the Human Race

Titre : The Hidden History of the Human Race
Auteur : Michael A. Cremo
Éditeur : Torchlight Pub
ISBN-13 : 0892133252
Libération : 1999-01-01

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Over the past two centuries, researchers have found bones and artifacts showing that people existed on earth millions of years ago. Deploying an unexpectedly great number of suppressed but convincing facts, Cremo and Thompson challenge readers to rethink their understanding of human origins, identity and destiny. 69 illustrations.

From Outer Space to You

Titre : From Outer Space to You
Auteur : Howard Menger
Éditeur : CreateSpace
ISBN-13 : 1492938750
Libération : 2013-10

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Does life on other planets really exist? Are people from other worlds coming here in flying saucers to bring a message to mankind? Howard Menger says this is true!

Beyond Roswell

Titre : Beyond Roswell
Auteur : Michael Hesemann
Éditeur : Marlowe & Company
ISBN-13 : 1569247099
Libération : 1998-07-27

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Produces evidence to corroborate reports in July 1947 that a flying saucer crashed at Roswell, New Mexico