Principles of European Contract Law and Italian Law

Titre : Principles of European Contract Law and Italian Law
Auteur : Luisa Antoniolli
Éditeur : Kluwer Law International
ISBN-13 : 9789041123725
Libération : 2005

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To provide valuable legal service to persons in today's Europe, practitioners must be conversant in both national and transnational law. At the European level, the Principles of European Contract Law (PECL) are an increasingly important element of contract law, together with national contract law, as contained in Civil Codes and various national statute. Accordingly, Kluwer Law International has initiated a series of volumes, under the direction of prof. Hondius of the University of Utrecht, comparing PECL with the most important European legal systems. This volume on Italian law is the second in the series. Using a straightforward comparative method, the editors¿ analysis not only reveals a significant area of convergence between the PECL and Italian contract law, but also highlights the main differences between the two bodies of rules. The reasons for these differences, both legal and non-legal (such as historical, social, economic), are clearly set forth. The book provides complete texts, with annotations, of the PECL and the corresponding Italian rules. The presentation proceeds as follows: general provisions (scope of application, general duties, terminology) formation of contracts (general provisions, offer and acceptance, liability for negotiations) authority of agents (general provisions, direct and indirect representation) validity interpretation contents and effects performance non-performance and remedies in general particular remedies for non-performance (right to performance, withholding performance, termination of the contract, price reduction, damages and interest) The editors commentary includes extensive reference to case law and legal doctrine at all essential points. In this way they provide a comprehensive description of the law in action as well as its evolving trends. In addition, incisive essays by two leading experts in the field of comparative law, prof. Rodolfo Sacco and prof. Michael Joachim Bonell, analyse the relationship of the PECL and Italian law and its wider framework in the harmonisation of private law at the European and international levels. The book is a valuable handbook and guide for both foreign and Italian lawyers. For non-Italian lawyers, be they practitioners or academics, it provides a concise but complete and up-to-date outline of current Italian contract law, organized on the basis of a system (PECL) with which many European lawyers are familiar. For Italian lawyers, it offers a clearer insight into a wider European legal contract system whose importance in the evolution of a common European private law is growing rapidly. Principles of European Contract Law Series 2

The Principles of European Contract Law Part III and Dutch Law

Titre : The Principles of European Contract Law Part III and Dutch Law
Auteur : Danny Busch
Éditeur : Kluwer Law International
ISBN-13 : 9789041124951
Libération : 2006

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The Principles of European Contract Law, prepared by the so-called Lando Commission, today constitute the most advanced project on the harmonisation of European private law. As well as providing a set of rules which could facilitate cross-border trade within Europe, the Principles can be seen as a modern lex mercatoria which, for example, could be referred to by arbitrators deciding a case according to internationally accepted principles of law. Furthermore, the Principles provide a framework for EU legislation on contract law and, more importantly, they can be viewed as a first step towards a European Civil Code. They may also prove to be a catalyst for the development of national legislation, judicial decisions and legal doctrine. This new title, which follows the first volume covering Parts I and II of the Principles, includes chapters on plurality of parties, assignment of claims, transfer of contract, set-off, prescription, illegality and conditions. It provides a systematic overview of the Principles in comparison with Dutch law, which will be of interest not only in the Netherlands but also to lawyers in other countries who need to gain a clearer understanding of the Dutch contract law system.

The General Principles of EU Law

Titre : The General Principles of EU Law
Auteur : Takis Tridimas
Éditeur : OUP Oxford
ISBN-13 : 0199534713
Libération : 2013-02

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The third edition of the recognized authority in the field provides a sophisticated analysis of the general principles of EU law. Comprehensively addressing new developments in the area, this is an invaluable point of reference for academics and legal practitioners alike.

Principles of European Constitutional Law

Titre : Principles of European Constitutional Law
Auteur : Armin von Bogdandy
Éditeur : Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781847317841
Libération : 2009-12-03

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For the time being, the political project of basing the European Union on a document entitled 'Constitution' has failed. The second, revised and enlarged edition of this volume retains its title nonetheless. Building on a scholarly rather than black-letter law account, it shows European constitutional law as it looks following the Treaty of Lisbon, with the EU's foundational treaties mandating the exercise of public authority, establishing a hierarchy of norms and legitimising legal acts, providing for citizenship, and granting fundamental rights. In this way the treaties shape the relations between legal orders, between public interest regulation and market economy, and between law and politics. The contributions demonstrate in detail how a constitutional approach furthers understanding of the core issues of EU law, how it offers theoretical and doctrinal insights, and how it adds critical perspective. From Reviews of the First Edition: "...should be mandatory reading for anyone who wants to get a holistic perspective of the academic debate on Europe's constitutional foundations...It is impossible to present the richness of thought contained in the 833 pages of the book in a short review." Common Market Law Review "an enduring scholarly work, which gives an English-speaking audience important, and overdue, access to the long-standing and forever-vigorous traditions of (European) constitutional law... unhesitatingly recommend[ed]." European Law Journal "...real scholarship in the profound sense of the word..." K Lenaerts, Professor of European Law, Leuven

Principles of European Environmental Law

Titre : Principles of European Environmental Law
Auteur : Richard Macrory
Éditeur : Europa Law Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9076871264
Libération : 2004-01-01

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The precautionary principle, the polluters pay principle, and similar principles have become embedded in the language of contemporary environment policy. In this important new study, leading European experts in environmental law consider the legal significance of such environmental principles, both in jurisprudential theory and in practice before the courts. The development of the principles within the European Treaty is considered as well as the approach of the European Court of Justice to their interpretation. But it is the interpretation of environmental principles in front of national courts within Europe that forms the heart of the study, with chapters covering a number of the key Europe jurisdictions. The study, the first of its kind, presents a dynamic picture of environmental case law across Europe.

The Principles of European Contract Law

Titre : The Principles of European Contract Law
Auteur : Ole Lando
Éditeur : Kluwer Law International
ISBN-13 : 9789041113054
Libération : 2000

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Throughout Europe there is great interest in developing a common European legal culture. The European Parliament has twice called for the creation of a European Civil Code. The principles of European contract law are essential steps in these projects.

Principles of European Insurance Contract Law

Titre : Principles of European Insurance Contract Law
Auteur :
Éditeur : Walter de Gruyter
ISBN-13 : 9783866538535
Libération : 2009-11-16

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In this volume the Project Group "Restatement of European Insurance Contract Law" presents its Principles of European Insurance Contract Law ("PEICL"). These principles were submitted to the European Commission as a Draft Common Frame of Reference of European Insurance Contract Law ("DCFR Insurance"). The volume comprises the PEICL/DCFR Insurance as well as translations into Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish and Swedish. A short introduction sets out the approach used by the Project Group, how the PEICL/DCFR Insurance relate to the overall Draft Common Frame of Reference, the participation of the Project Group in the CoPECL (Common Principles of European Contract Law) Network, as well as the general structure and characteristics of the PEICL/DCFR Insurance. The Project Group has also drafted the PEICL/DCFR Insurance as a model for an Optional Instrument of European Insurance Contract Law.

Principles of European Family Law Regarding Divorce and Maintenance Between Former Spouses

Titre : Principles of European Family Law Regarding Divorce and Maintenance Between Former Spouses
Auteur : Katharina Boele-Woelki
Éditeur : Intersentia nv
ISBN-13 : 9789050954266
Libération : 2004

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Three years after its establishment the CEFL presents its first Principles of European Family Law in the field of divorce and maintenance between former spouses. The Principles aim to bestow the most suitable means for the harmonisation of family laws in Europe. In this respect they may serve as a frame of reference for national, European and international legislatures alike. The Principles could considerably facilitate their task not only by virtue of the fact that the CEFL's in-depth and comprehensive comparative research is easily accesible but also because most of the rules have been drafted in a way legislatures normally consider to be appropriate.

Principles of European law

Titre : Principles of European law
Auteur : Christian von Bar
Éditeur : sellier. european law publ.
ISBN-13 : 9783935808620
Libération : 2010

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"Unjustified enrichment" is one of the three main non-contractual obligations dealt with in the Draft of a Common Frame of Reference. In recent years, unjustified enrichment has been one of the most intellectually animated areas of private law. In an area of law whose territory is still partially uncharted and whose boundaries are contested, this volume of the series Principles of European Law will be invaluable for academic analysis of the law and its development by the courts. During the drafting process, comparative material from over 25 different EU jurisdictions has been taken into account. The work therefore is not only a presentation of a future model for European rules to come, but provides also a fairly detailed indication of the present legal situation in the Member States.

Principles Definitions and Model Rules of European Private Law

Titre : Principles Definitions and Model Rules of European Private Law
Auteur : Study Group on a European Civil Code
Éditeur : sellier. european law publ.
ISBN-13 : 9783866530973
Libération : 2009

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The Draft of a Common Frame of Reference (DCFR) is based in part on a revised version of the Principles of European Contract Law (PECL) and contains Principles, Definitions and Model Rules of European Private Law. A year ago, an interim outline edition of the Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR) was published by sellier. european law publishers (Germany). It covered the books on contracts and other juridical acts, obligations and corresponding rights, certain specific contracts, and non-contractual obligations. One purpose of the text was to provide material for a possible "political" Common Frame of Reference (CFR) which was called for by the European Commission's Action Plan on a More Coherent European Contract Law of January 2003. Now available for the first time is the final outline edition of the DCFR. This final outline edition covers major new topics and includes a revised and expanded list of definitions. This revision of the interim outline edition takes public discussion into account and also contains an additional section on the principles underlying the model rules. In late 2009, the six-volume full edition of the DCFR, including all comments and notes, will be published.